Inspired By Kindness, A Young Boy Takes On His Dad, Hatred, Prejudice


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It’s always easier to hate what you don’t understand.

Unlike the other boys, Ah Seng doesn’t like to play soccer. He expresses himself with drawings of superheroes instead, from stolen comics at an Indian provision shop.

He finally gets caught.

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Yet, the kind and gentle owner surprises him. His scoundrel of a dad forces him to make a choice between obeying him, or to stand up for his new friend.

He’s a kid. What can he do? He follows orders, of course.

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They have absolutely nothing in common: he speaks Hokkien, the owner speaks Tamil.

But even he surprises himself when he realises that empathy is far more powerful than hatred and prejudice.

Here’s how the superheroes take on his dad.

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‘Masala Mama’ screened at Berlin International Film Festival’s Generation Kplus and won the Arte Short Film Award at Hamburg International Short Film Festival and Best Director at Singapore Short Film Awards.

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