A Masked Superhero Unmasks His Own Insecurities, Learns Empathy


I Am Not A Superhero SS2 KRK

This is his fall from grace and back to being human. It wasn’t such a bad thing.

He’s a wiry, skinny-fisted teenager who discovered his superpowers in a midnight brawl.

He embraces his masked identity and develops an idealistic notion about being different. It was a big responsibility, an honour that he carries with pride.

I Am Not A Superhero SS1 KRK

One day, he meets a drug dealer who doesn’t mince his words about what a privileged brat he is. He gets served a dose of reality and his life is turned upside down.

Ego shaken to the core, he grapples with an identity crisis when he realises life isn’t all Black & White, Good vs Evil.

He questions himself now that he’s gained new perspective: Is it even necessary for him to exist, if injustice is just a matter of perspective? Is he really just a one-hit wonder? A maniac who’s out to save the world?

Here’s how he discovered empathy, and embraced being human.

Watch ‘I Am Not A Superhero’ by Jonathan Tam 譚仲明 (Hong Kong) on Viddsee:

Jonathan’s film won the Gold Award at the ifva Festival in its Youth Category.

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