A Masseuse Makes A Startling Discovery About Her Client


The_Unsaid_SS2 KRK

A blissful marriage. A loving husband. Perfect love.

This masseuse may not have all these, but she lives vicariously through her regular client, who regales her with her romantic tales.

Over months, a bond of sisterhood develops between the two. The client loves giving her a detailed account of everything her husband does for her, and the masseuse is filled with joy to be privy to such a pure love.

The_Unsaid_SS1 KRK

But one day, the masseuse stumbles upon the truth and uncovers the unspoken words that she had been unaware of all along.

Does she keep it to herself or does she play along?

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‘Unkahi’ won the Best Film award in the Micro-cinema category at the Asian Short Film Festival, China, and the Best Screenplay at the International Film Festival of Cinematic Arts, Los Angeles. The film also received Special Jury Mention at the Mumbai Shorts International Film Festival (MSIFF).

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