When A Meek Teacher Gets Schooled On His First Day!


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Kamal is a literature graduate who’s all hyped-up for his first day as a teacher in a university in the city.

He leaves the picturesque and calm of the village, commuting with a local car-pool service. His encounter with village locals in the cramped backseat rattled him, but that was hardly the worst that waited for him that day.

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Barely making it to the school grounds on time, Kamal is greeted by the university manager, who declares his class the worst of the lot. He was introduced to the horrors of Class 606, and was recounted stories about past teachers who didn’t survive.

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With trepidation and fear, he inched closer to what he knew could be hell.

But hell was already waiting for him. It was executed by his hand, because disrespectful students was something he wouldn’t take sitting down…

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Or so he thought!

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