Meet The 10 Finalists Of The Viddsee Juree Awards Philippines 2018!


Viddsee Juree Awards returns to Philippines this year for its second celebration of Filipino cinema.

Here are the ten shortlisted films competing for the top two winners (Gold and Silver), who will be named on 29 September.


Last year’s 2017 Gold winner, Christian Lat, returns to this year’s competition with, Ginhawa. This explosive short film follows an aspiring boxer wrestling with his dead brother’s legacy and mother’s disapproval.

A neglected little boy reads a book that takes him to an otherworldly realm in Ah, by Al Jerome Virtuz.

A clash of values is portrayed in As Time Flows By by Annika YaƱez as an old fashioned father tries to bond with his gay daughter.

In Bea Felix’s comedy with a heart, Susing, a village mob attacks a shopkeeper after a social media post goes viral.

The Lessons Of The Night by Christian Rae Villanueva sheds light on the controversial topic of a young mother battling depression.

This gender-bending dramedy, Divine XY, by Ruelo Zendo, features the pains of changing one’s gender in the face of governmental bureaucracy.

A socially awkward stand-up comic gets from help him “special friend” which leads to some unexpected insight in Stand Up, by Elaiza Rivera and Ron Dulatre.

This film was taken offline at the filmmaker’s request as it continues on the film festival circuit.

Two old-school feuding actresses come to a gentle understanding in You Are The Star To My Night by Brain Spencer Reyes.

Patrick Rodil’s In The Name Of The Father features a young boy comes to grips with what is right and what is wrong as he discovers something about the priest he looks up.

Two social outcasts in school form a bond that comes under threat when one of them leaves to follow their family in Igme And Gani, by Jhayle Ann Marie Meer.

Watch more out-of-competition films at the Viddsee Juree Awards for Philippines channel here.

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