Meet Azman Hassan, The Security Guard In Your Fav Viddsee Horror Films!

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There’s something strange in the neighbourhood! This is “Security Guard Azman”, now in a starring role in Phyu Phyu by Ving Lee (3DOH 2015)

Amid the creepy spirits, possessed people and haunted cameras that appear on the annual 3 Doors of Horrors (3DOH) anthology, there’s one familiar face who pops up in all the videos – the security guard.

Some Viddsee fans have speculated about his presence in this universe, and that he might be the source of all the terror. Does he bring the creepy wherever he is assigned?

Azman Hassan Interview_02 Azman Hassan Interview

Azman in 'Horror Mission' by Ng Ken Kin (3DOH 2013)
Azman in Horror Mission by Ng Ken Kin (3DOH 2013)

“Security Guard Azman”, Azman Hassan dropped by Viddsee’s office in Kuala Lumpur for an exclusive chat about his character’s origin story, his take on the “invisibles” in our society, and his starring role in Ving Lee’s Phyu Phyu.

IRL, at our office: Our man has a kindly face. Not at all creepy!
IRL, at our office: Our man has a kindly face. Not at all creepy!

#1 – “Security Guard Azman” Origin Story

The short-form horror anthology 3DOH began in 2013, and its executive producer James Lee of Doghouse73 Pictures decided to have a central character in each edition — a security guard.

James immediately had one person in mind for the role, Azman, whom he had known since 2005. Given the positive response from viewers, they decided to bring him back for the subsequent anthologies and now he’s a veritable audience favourite.

Azman in 'Floating Sun' by Edmund Yeo (3DOH 2013)
Azman in Floating Sun by Edmund Yeo (3DOH 2013)

#2 – From Supporting To Starring Role

The team has always wanted to create a story featuring the security guard. It’s a running joke that he doesn’t ever have a wardrobe change, as he’s the constant, playing the same character.

There was an opportunity with Ving Lee’s script for Phyu Phyu this year. For Azman, the expanded role came with great relish but one drawback – he actually had to memorise a script and could no longer improvise, as he did in previous films.

Azman warns off trespassing girls in an abandoned toilet in Delete by Sidney Chan (3DOH 2014)

#3 – Why The Security Guard Matters

Producer, Edward Lim, opines, “[Malaysian directors] always make films about national race relations, Malays, Chinese, Indians, but we always forget that foreign labour is such a big part of our life now.”

Azman adds that there aren’t many stories told about security guards though they’re so ubiquitous in society hence the importance of this film.

“In Phyu Phyu, you can see how and where [this security guard] lives. He doesn’t have much money, but responded in [a small way to an event that was happening] in the world around him,” Azman says.

Azman Hassan Interview_05
Director Ving Lee (left) with Azman and Amanda Hariz (right) on the set of Phyu Phyu (3DOH 2015)

The team’s vision certainly carries through in Phyu Phyu, a story about a young female ghost who appeals to Azman’s character for help. This story is set amidst shocking news about mass graves of Rohingya refugees found in trafficking camps in Malaysia.

#4 – His Take On The Era Of Indie

While he has a long history in the Malaysian television, film and theatre scene, Azman has found himself increasingly buoyed by independent productions.

If Lelaki Harapan Dunia, an independent feature Azman co-starred in (that swept this year’s Malaysia Film Festival and is the nation’s hope for an Oscar!) is anything to go by, he is headed down the right path.

He’s also enjoyed the process of working with young directors as he did in Cili as they bring a fresh set of experiences to the filmmaking process.

Azman livin' the dream in 'Cili' by Edward Chee Boon. Not a 3DOH short film, but another really cool film project by the Malaysian indie publisher Fixi.
Azman livin’ the dream in Cili by Edward Chee Boon. Not a 3DOH short film, but another really cool film project by the Malaysian indie publisher Fixi.

Finally, when pressed the burning question on Viddsee viewers mind – are the 3DOH films happening in the same universe and is the security guard the source of all the trouble – Azman has this much to say: “It’s up to your own interpretation. If it’s predictable, then it’s no longer fun.”

We be loving the fun, sir. Keep at it!

Watch ‘Phyu Phyu’ by Ving Lee (Malaysia) on Viddsee:

Director: Ving Lee
Director of Photography: James Lee
Producer: Edward Lim & Kenny Gan
Executive Producer: James Lee
Cast: Azman Hassan, Amanda Hariz, Mohan, Sherwynn Victor, Josephine Yeong, Ramana Mohan & JinJoe Lim
Music and Sound Design: Nick Davis

Behind-the-scenes images courtesy of Doghouse73 Pictures

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