Meet The DIY Ghostbusters Shining The Light On The Supernatural



If there’s something weird in Switzerland, who ya gonna call?

Well, you could try Hellvetia, made up of Frank Michel and Jason.

As Switzerland’s self-appointed paranormal investigators, these two are on the case of all the weird and unexplained incidents in the usually peaceful country.


Like the case of the missing lovebirds who disappeared on a camping trip. All that’s left of them is their scattered belongings, a broken iPhone and mysterious sticky pink goo.

It’s a case for the bravest, most experienced myth-busters.

But since the only people available are a fame-hungry YouTuber and his ill-equipped but earnest sidekick, it’s all the country has to go on.


It’s not a lot, but it’ll have to do.


Find out if Frank Michel & Jason survive the pink menace!

Watch ‘Hellvetia Ep 1 – The Pink Menace’ by Antoine Tinguely & Laurent Fauchère (Switzerland) on Viddsee:

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Catch Episode 2 of this zany horror-comedy involving a mysterious butcher and his horrifying practices, or watch the web-series in full here.

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