Meet The Folks Who Brought Subtitles To Your Favourite Viddsee Films


We’ll like to appreciate our Viddsee Subbers, a community of passionate film lovers who spent time and effort, translating and bringing subtitles onto the short films. Because of them, stories can now cross borders and language barriers, to touch, entertain and educate even more audience out there!

This year, we will like to highlight some of our Indonesian subbers who have created a significant impact on the greater Viddsee community!


“Hi there! I’m Temi, I translated English short movies into Indonesian subtitles. You’ll find most of my translations added to thriller, horror, or any short movies with plot twists and unexpected endings. Have you watched any of them?

I thought volunteering was hard. It’s because neither I like the idea of meeting new people nor fond of socialising, although those might sound easy and come with tons of fun. Until I saw this opportunity from Viddsee! Being a subber really help me a lot in the art of understanding people. I learn mostly about culture and how people from other countries communicate, not to mention encouragement to acquire knowledge of translation. I didn’t expect doing a voluntary job would bring such excitement! Enjoy the movies!” – Temi

Check out Temi’s subtitles here.


“Making subtitles is exciting, yet it’s not an easy thing. We should understand the entire story before translating, as we are not only converting languages but also cultures. The films on Viddsee are rich and diverse, and they contain so many deep meanings and ideas that need to be conveyed to the viewers. We have to make sure that our translations are simple, yet they could cover the whole message.

I feel so lucky that the ID subber community is very supportive to each other in solving the complications. We can discuss many things about translation and try to find the best words. We hope that people will have their best experience in watching films on Viddsee!” – Marsha

Check out Marsha’s subtitles here.


“I first heard of Viddsee in 2017, then fell in love right away with its spirit of originality and diversity. Knowing I too could contribute in it was a joy! So far, browsing, watching, and translating for ViddSee films have been a good distraction in my daily life as a freelance linguist. Particularly using my translation skills for the films’ synopses and subtitles, I know I’ve taken part in changing mindset, warming hearts, and transforming lives of our brothers and sisters in many parts of the world. I’ve been helping good messages spread! Some may question the worth of doing this voluntarily; but it’s wonderful for these reasons as well as amazing to upgrade both our professional skills and portfolio. This is why I will keep doing it.” – Mutiara

Check out Mutiara’s subtitles here.


“It has been quite exciting becoming a subber in this dynamic little community. I am surrounded by warm and friendly staff. People who are full of positive energy and keep on coming up with great ideas. This community never seem to run out of quality short films that touch on contemporary issues. Thanks for the motivation and for recognizing our work. Two thumbs up.” – Gani

Check out Gani’s subtitles here.

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