Meet This Inspiring One-Armed Rickshaw Driver From Bangladesh


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For the last fifteen years, Shormuz made a living and a name for himself for being a man who takes pride in his work: he’s a one-armed auto-rickshaw driver.

He lost his arm at a young age, after it got infected from an injury. Shormuz started begging on the streets at first, but realised that he wanted a job that gave him more pride. He started working as a bus conductor. After two years, he invested his savings into an auto-rickshaw, modded with a string tied to the steering wheel and controlled by his right feet.

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Now a father of three, Shormuz gets around and gets by just well. As he demonstrates in this documentary, he doesn’t let his disability get the better of him.

People stare at him, but he takes it in stride. He enjoys the attention and refuses to be invisible, remarking that it brings awareness to his disability, his plight and what he can achieve despite all odds.

He’s a spirited go-getter, inspiring his children to have a better life than him.

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“If I did have two arms, who knows what I would have become.”

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