Meet The Humble Man Behind The $2 Kopitiam In Singapore



At 3 am each morning, Ah Cai wakes up. By 4.15 am, he is reunited with the love of his life, a passionate affair that has spanned two decades — his noodle shop on South Bridge Road.

Not a lot has remained constant in Singapore in those years, especially not the cost of living. But the price of his noodles have.


They’ve remained $2 per bowl for 22 years now.

With eight types of noodle dishes, a strategic menu crafted by Ah Cai to provide just enough variety for an entire week, each bowl is lovingly crafted by a man who cooks noodle like they are an art form.


This humble man shuns extravagance, finding pleasure in being able to partake in and provide understated comfort in life.


Watch his inspiring story in the documentary below!

Watch ‘The $2 Kopitiam’ by Winfred Kwan (Singapore) on Viddsee:

‘The $2 Kopitiam’ is part of Another Beautiful Story, a series chronicling artists and craftspeople in Singapore. Watch more videos here.

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