Meet The Owner Of ‘Sexy Shopping’ & His Love Letter To His Wife


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Miah is the owner of Sexy Shopping, a legit enterprise that he so named after himself. He’s a Bengali immigrant in Italy, peddling in the streets with all his wares strapped on him.

With a bit of news coverage, and with his effervescent personality, Miah charms pedestrians and tourists alike, rattling off his sales pitch with a wide smile.

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But he’s encountered some trouble, and this is the reason for his video to his wife, filmed from his shared dorm room. He was fined for peddling on a no-vendor street, to the sum of €1032. It’s a hefty sum, but he’s determined to pay it off, even if he has to delay the gift he promised his son.

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His life is documented by filmmakers Adam Selo and Antonio Benedetto, combined with footage from a hidden camera strapped on Miah’s chest.

Watch ‘Sexy Shopping’ by Adam Selo, Antonio Benedetto (Italy) on Viddsee:

Antonio says of the experience: “I bumped into Miah, the protagonist, very often in the streets or at the bar at night: while I was drinking beer, he was making a living. He inspired the first script of the film, then my friend Adam Selo and I wrote the screenplay together.

Adam adds: “We wanted to narrate a contemporary Italian story in an innovative and different way, showing our Country’s problems and faults through the vicissitudes of somebody who’s not Italian but lives in that cultural, geographical, and political environment. Furthermore, this topic enabled us to experiment at a technical and narrative level by using an hybrid language and including elements of real life through the hidden camera.”

More from the Italian channel Sedicicorto International Short Film Festival on Viddsee here!

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