Meet The Inspiring Woman Fighting For The Rights Of Exploited Females



In 2008, a bomb exploded outside of Maria Bashir’s home. It was an assassination attempt on Afghanistan’s first female prosecutor general.

From her days as a determined law student to her current role in the legal system of Herat, Maria has held true to her oath to serve and defend those whose rights have been violated.


She has dedicated her life to eliminating violence against women, in particular, victims of domestic violence who are often child brides.

By emboldening female victims to speak out against their perpetrators, Maria defies the rules of the deeply patriarchal Afghan society, an uphill task that earned her a spot on Time Magazine’s 2011 list of The 100 Most Influential People.


However locally, her activism coupled with her strong anti-corruption stance has created a lot of enemies.

Her fight for justice comes with a cost. Her children have to be home-schooled while she cannot travel freely without her security guards.


Here’s a glimpse at the trials and tribulations of an inspiring woman determined to pave a better path forward for her country.

Watch ‘Half Value Life’ by Alka Sadat (Afghanistan) on Viddsee:

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