Meet Viddsee Juree Finalist Nathan Bringuer of ‘Slingshot’


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Nathan Bringuer from Bacolod City, Philippines

Q1 – Tell us a bit about yourself and your team!
I’m Brian Jonathan C. Bringuer a.k.a Nathan Bringuer and I’m an aspiring filmmaker.

We’re a small group of young and passionate artists and filmmakers. I’m truly blessed to have my team support my vision from beginning to end. We used to work together under one company, The Piaya Network. I then shared my vision with them, asking them to help and support me as their director.

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A scene from Slingshot (Tirador)

It was a collaboration between BluScript Films and Sealight Productions. Bluscript Films is owned by the president of our company, Anthony Leo Aguirre. He also supported the project by lending me equipment that’s free of charge.

Sealight Productions is my very own small production house. It was a great collaboration between Mr. Aguirre, me, and my colleagues. Everyone rose to the occasion and did their best as both an individual and as a group. Again, I’m very blessed to have them by my side with this project.

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Q2 – What is the inspiration behind this short film?
Somehow, we all go through that face in our lives where we want to be the hero of our own story, but reality isn’t as extraordinary as our imagination.

When I was a just kid, I always had bullies around me and so this film is basically revisiting my past and portraying what I would’ve done visually: stop the bullies, save the damsel in distress and look badass.

It’s actually a simple story not about revenge, but of fulfilment; that somehow, whoever you are and whatever situation you’re in: “Don’t just stand there, do something about it because you can!”

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Q3 – Could you share with us what your main challenges were in putting this together, and how did you overcome them?
I truly believe that no film is without challenges along the production process. We’re a very small production which means that we’re also working on a very limited budget. We can’t afford to extend another shooting day and we can’t afford to have mistakes. Unfortunately, there are things we didn’t anticipate that could’ve cost us the whole film if not for the collaborative minds that we have our team.

The main actor didn’t show up on the very day of the shoot, so we asked another child actor to take the main role. On the day of the shoot, the weather was so bad that we were 3 hours behind our schedule. Also, just when we thought that everything was finally okay, the original location wasn’t available because of the bad weather, so we decided to shoot at a different location.

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At the end of the day; it was very stressful, yet very fulfilling. The film crew did an amazing job despite all the changes and adjustments. Everyone rose to the occasion and did their best!

When were all very happy when we finally got to see final cut of the film together. Nothing could’ve been more fulfilling. The more challenges we take, the more lessons we learn. Every mistake we did, we charged to our experience.

Watch ‘Slingshot (Tirador)’ by Nathan Bringuer (Philippines) on Viddsee:

Nathan is one of the ten finalists of the Viddsee Juree Awards for the Philippines competition, a filmmaker community initiative to celebrate and support filmmakers and film communities in Asia. Check out the rest here.

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