Meet The Woman Who Painstakingly Makes Your False Eyelashes



It’s late in the night, but Suwini remains hunched over her work table, as she has been after preparing dinner.

This housewife and mother of three makes false eyelashes for a living. And tonight, she is far behind schedule to meet her daily quota.


Purbalingga in Central Java, Indonesia, is the unexpected hub of the world’s best false eyelashes. In this rural village, huge factories and independent home-based workers like Suwini, work around the clock to meet the beauty demand.

The business of beauty is tedious back-breaking work for little reward. Suwini suffers long hours, poor working conditions and low pay.


But she does it to support her husband, Suwitno, who works as a sugar tapper.

Despite all her efforts, they still find it impossible to make ends meet.


Here’s a look at the gritty lives behind the glamourous lashes.

Watch ‘Sugar And Eyelashes’ (Penderes dan Pengidep) by Achmad Ulfi (Indonesia) on Viddsee:

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