Meet Xiao Feng. Waitress By Day. Assassin By Night.


Edge of Destruction Wind Killer SS_03

She could be a movie star. She certainly had the looks, the lithe figure, long tousled hair. But Xiao Feng was a waitress by day. And more importantly, by night, she was an assassin. One of the best in the business in fact.

Edge of Destruction Wind Killer SS_04

Known as Wind Killer, she was a ruthless machine when it came to her targets. After all, she had one goal – to avenge her sister’s murder.

Edge of Destruction Wind Killer SS_01

Edge of Destuction Wind Killer SS_02

What she doesn’t realise is that there’s something much bigger at hand. The war has been waging since 1626 and she’s about to discover her true destiny…

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