Men Pursued Her, A Blossoming Lady. But Her Dad Was A Stranger.


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Her best friend referred to her father as a lover from another life, and she spoke of him dearly from the postcards and notes she received.

Ching Ching’s father barely spoke to her over dinner, as they sat in silence with a TV in the background.

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Ching Ching and her father had to spend a few days together in her mother’s absence.

It was obvious that they were strangers to each other.

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Meanwhile, in school, both a classmate and a chemistry teacher paid attention to her, enough to recognise that she was a blossoming flower.

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There was no mistaking the attraction.

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She realised that it wasn’t that father had forsaken her.

It was just that father loved her, in his ways that were different from all other men who pursued her.

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And he was a man who always would.

Watch ‘Ching Ching’ by Sebrina Zheng (Taiwan) on Viddsee:

‘Ching Ching’ was featured at the Kaohsiung Film Festival, Taipei County Film Festival, Women Make Waves Film Festival and the South Taiwan Film Festival.

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