The Merdeka Generation: Singapore’s Everyday Heroes


The Merdeka Generation, Singaporeans born in the 1950s, helped build Singapore into the city she is today. Through these short films, we step into their shoes to witness the sacrifices they made to nurture and protect the country.

In A Merdeka Story: The Soldier, a chance meeting with his grandfather’s army buddy changes Adam’s mind about enlisting.

When a meeting between a young man and his prospective father-in-law takes an awkward turn, the kampong comes together to lend them a helping hand in A Merdeka Story: The Kampong.

A high achieving student turns down a chance to the scholarship of her dreams to put food on the table and keep her family afloat in A Merdeka Story: The Factory Girl.

A mother’s tireless work and sacrifice for her family make a life-long impression on her young daughter in this touching short film, A Merdeka Story: The Mother.

Watch the short films to travel back in time to a Singapore that our parents and their parents would find very familiar.

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