Think Of The Best Multi-Tasker You Know. Then, Watch This.


A Mothers Love lg ss10

We owe everything to her.

Motherhood is a thankless, tiring, and multi-faceted job.

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We forget that they are human too.

Despite their faults they constantly push their limits to provide for us, selflessly.

A mum never stops being a mum: it’s a 24-7 job being a chef, provider, fix-upper, nurse, throughout a child’s lifetime.

A Mother's Love lg ss9 krk

They’re never off duty.

And if you even need a reminder or a reason to say Thank You to your mum…

Watch ‘A Mother’s Love’ by Ye Rui Cheng, Nelson Tan Yan Cong & Jasmine Seo Li Juan (Singapore) on Viddsee:

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