Watch This Anime Honouring Tokyo’s 100 Yr Old Station In A Love Letter


Tokyo Station City Still 6

Misaki’s late-dad was a “god who kept time at the Tokyo Station”, like his dad before him.

She returns to the busy intercity transit terminal, looking for a repair shop to fix his broken pocket watch.

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‘The Passage of Time — Tokyo Station’ is written like a love letter to him, a travel through time and memories about what should have, could have, been.

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The anime was commissioned by the Tokyo Station City to commemorate its 100th birthday. It is directed by Naomichi Yamato with voice actress Seiko Yoshida as Misaki and a musical track composed by singer-songwriter Yū Sakai.

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Tokyo Station is absolutely beauts!

It was designed by Kingo Tatsuno, an architect known as the pioneer of Japanese modern architecture.

The brick face, columns, domes, are reminiscent of European architecture, but with elements of Japanese culture — the reliefs are shaped after animals of the Chinese zodiac, an eagle, a flower, a phoenix & a sword.

Tokyo Station City Still 5

It survived a major earthquake and simple repairs after bombings after the WWII. The station was fully restored over five years the tune of ¥50 billion last year. No expense was spared.

Today, it’s also a shopping, dining, and entertainment complex, serving 380,000 train passengers daily!

But it’s not just a historical building. It is a vessel for memories of people passing through, or people who worked there, like Misaki’s dad. And this watch and clock repairer.

Tokyo Station City Still 7

It’s an emotional journey.

Watch this beautiful tribute to Tokyo Station City:

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