Missing Your Mom? No? You Definitely Will When You Watch This.


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There were some certainties in these women’s lives — the child was her world, her everything.

In this story, this daughter was a baby — her mother spoiled, nurtured and loved her.

She was in the centre of her mother’s universe, even when she grew up, married and moved out, slowly growing distant in their relationship.

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Nothing changed, her mother was always there for her.

Then, she, too raised her own family. Then she realises that some of these scenes looked all too familiar. Her role as a mother had changed, and time was moving faster than she expected.

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She takes a journey back home, and finally realised what motherhood was like from her mother’s point of view.

It’s a lonely place, when the centre of your universe ceases to exist. Everything changed, and she longed for her mother even more.

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