This Misunderstood Woman Hates Her Name. Then She Meets “Crazy Tan”


Sugiharti Halim Rewrte SS2

Sugiharti loathes her name with a passion. She would sell her name for 30 dollars. In fact, she would give it away for free if she could.

She has an uncommon name with no lineage. In an ideal world, she would name herself “Julianne.”

Her father’s name is “Liem Oen Hok” — that’s as Chinese as it gets. But in 1966, millions of Chinese in Indonesia were forced to adopt more Indonesian-sounding names to prove their loyalty.

Sugiharti Halim Rewrte SS3

Growing up as “Sugiharti Halim” with Chinese features was not easy.

Her annoyance with this have become fully developed monologues with her dinner dates. They don’t get her.

Then she meets Tan Ging Le, aka “Crazy Tan.”

Watch ‘Sugihati Halim’ by Ariani Darmawan (Indonesia) on Viddsee:

This comical and provocative film is part of the 9808 film anthology commemorating Indonesia’s student-led protests that led to the end of President Suharto’s 30-year regime.

Ariani’s film has travelled to Pusan, Rotterdam, the Clermont-Ferrand Film Festival in France, and the Aurora Film Festival in the UK. It won two major awards at the Konfiden Short Film Festival in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Watch the this special 9808 channel on Viddsee or read about how the anthology came about

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