An Alienated Grandpa & Grandson Find A Common Bond In Music


Shuai Ge SS1 Rwrte

Zhi Xiong and his grandfather live very detached lives.

He had no memories of his mum, and his grandfather wouldn’t talk about her.

At a show-and-tell at school, he even told everyone that his mum was a “chicken,” which is slang for prostitute. He didn’t know any better.

Shuai Ge SS5 Rwrte

‘Shuai Ge’ tells the story about these two characters as they celebrated her memory in their own ways.

They reconciled because the memory of her was all they had.

Shuai Ge SS2 Rwrte

It was also because they realised what love really meant, even if it was a silent, passive kind of love.

Watch ‘Shuai Ge’ by Wong Zhen Hai (Singapore) on Viddsee:

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