A Mum Finds Comfort In Fairytale Fantasies She Made For Her Son


Mr Fox SS2 KRK

Mei-kwan’s son went missing at a picnic in a forested park during a picnic. It was a painful time for her, as Jason was under her ward at that time.

He was assumed to be dead.

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She blamed herself for his death. Even her own mother could not comfort her in her grief.

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She tried to find comfort in her work, beautiful illustrations and stories made for kids, especially the story called “Mr Fox.”

Then one night, her son Jason appeared at her doorway.

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Watch ‘What Time Is It Mr Fox?’ (狐狸先生幾多點?) by Ho Cheuk Tin (Hong Kong) on Viddsee:

Here’s another story about childhood fantasies, ‘Masala Mama’ by Michael Kam (Singapore), about a kid and his fully-grown side-kick in a spandex superhero world

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