His Mum Sang Softly To Him In The Stormiest Nights. So Will He.


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Filial piety is a key and prized virtue in Chinese culture although some prefer it to be slowly phased out of modern, westernised societies.

This short film demonstrates how a three-generation household relate to it.

The family matriarch this story is ageing and slowly losing her mental faculties. She’s become cranky, impatient, and irrational.

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Her son gives in to her.

He could be just humouring her for the sake of having peace in the home, or simply showing an act of mercy for someone who doesn’t have many more days on earth.

His own son questions why he lets her get away with hurtful comments and unbecoming behaviour.

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In so many words — actually, though a song she sings, not words — the unconditional love his mum had for him was what anchored him through life’s stormiest nights.

Now his son, too, will find comfort and meaning the classic folk song, Cloudy Day.

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This film was directed by renown Hong-Kong director David Tsui, on commision by the National Family Council in Singapore.

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