Why Do Mums Fuss Over Us In The Little Ways That Mean “I Love You?”


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Food, care, comfort, money, lots of fussing over — that’s how moms show their love.

Maybe not enough. Growing up, leaving home and being independent gives our parents less opportunities to do the above.

In ‘Daily Life,’ this daughter returns home for a day trip to visit her mom. They do all the necessary: visit her dad’s grave, walk around the neighbourhood, lounge around the house, feast on a delicious home cooked meal, all before she has to leave home.

There’s very little communication about her life — she works in film production, she has plans to leave Taiwan for the US. They talk very little about her mom’s life too: she discovers that her mom has a bum knee, and vaguely knows that her mom lives a lonely and simple life.

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Yet, there’s so much love between them. Like a simple act of a mom trying to sneak in some money and a keepsake into her pocket, just before her departure.

It’s a rare and precious moment spent together, and one that they both appreciate.

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Our mums fuss over us in these little ways because that’s how they say “I love you.”

Watch ‘Daily Life’ by Chia Yun Chang (Taiwan) on Viddsee:

Don’t wait until it’s too late to actually say it, or at least show it.

Yun Chang’s film has competed at the Busan International Film Festival in Korea, and the Kaohsiung Film Festival, the Golden Harvest Awards in Taiwan.

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