A Mother & Daughter Pair Have Their First Lesson In Letting Go


Dor SS3

You’re out with your friends. Suddenly your phone rings. It’s your mum. And she wants to know your whereabouts.

You roll your eyes and curse yourself for taking the call.

If this sounds all too familiar, then this film might make you think differently.

Dor SS1 ‘Dor’ is the story of Riya, a young woman who is sick of the restrictions imposed by her mother.

It’s a time of our lives we can all relate to — the emotional adolescent striving for independence, negotiating trust and respect with our parents.

Riya has a chance encounter with an army man, who relates a story from his childhood and makes her realise that all her mother wants from her is a simple promise.

Watch ‘Dor’ by Manav Bhinder on Viddsee:

‘Dor was the winner at the Worli Festival Shoot Your Vision Short Film Competition by Worli Festival and Pocketfilms, and the 2nd Runner Up at Punjabi Global Foundation Short Film Festival. It received a Special Festival Mention at the 4th Dada Saheb Phalke Film Festival.

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