A Chilling Nightmare About Mum’s Expectations Of Her Daughter


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Nobody likes to be told what to do, what to be. But if you’re a child… you are powerless, you have no say in it.

Yuri’s mum wanted the best her, at all and any cost.

She had glorified ideas about Yuri’s upbringing — violin lessons, and nothing else.

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She’s trapped under her mother’s steely gaze, lofty ambition, and a warped, out-of-this-world lifestyle.

Yuri becomes a musical prodigy but the stifling process got the best of her.

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It’s a dark, oppressive and twisted world. With a stretch of imagination, this could be not far from some of our childhoods.

She becomes a mere puppet to her mum’s ambitions in the end.

Watch ‘Requiem for Herstory’ by Minji Kang on Viddsee:

Korean-born Minji, who is also violin-trained, says that she was inspired by a horrifying dream about struggling to remove a pin stuck to her palm.

“This went out for what seemed like hours. I felt I was slowly losing myself and that I would disappear at any moment. It was horrifying. This inspired the scene in the film where Yuri has pins stuck in her palms.

“Whenever I recall that nightmare, it still gives me chills.”

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Photo by Daniel Zhang. Used with permission.

‘Requiem for Herstory’ screened at the Creative Arts Film Festival and the NewFilmmakers New York Summer Fest Showcase.

It was nominated for Best Short Film at the Toronto Female Eye Film Festival and won an Honorable Mention award at the Rochester International Film festival.

Read this extended Q&A with Minji about her film, including why she curiously used a made-up language, plus behind-the-scenes photos!

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