She Faced Up To Her Fears & Made The Best Decision By Her Child


Pasak SS2 KRK

Fung is pregnant, and stuck in a loveless marriage.

She works as a fish vendor at the local market and faithfully toils for her in-laws. She’s not mistreated, but she’s not given much respect.

Pasak ss6 krk

She comes to a breaking point when she realises her husband is more interested in his social life than her well being or their marriage.

She could stay in a loveless marriage, be as dutiful a wife and in law.

But what about her child?

Her husband certainly wasn’t ready to be a father. She had very few options.

Pasak ss5 krk

It’s an uncertain, scary future, but at least she took control of her situation and did best by her child.

Watch ‘Pasak’ by Nell Eu (Malaysia) on Viddsee:

Viewer discretion: Contains scenes of the death of animals that may be disturbing to some viewers

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