Mother Remembers All His Failures. She Won’t Forget This Betrayal.


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His mother is bedridden and terminally ill, but that won’t stop her snide remarks and disapproving glares. After years of living under her slow-burning abuse, he doesn’t even know why he bothered to tell her about their wedding. Of course she wouldn’t come.

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Neither would his older brother. He’s still trapped under her thumb, taking care of all her needs. Word by poisonous word, she makes him feel like he owes her his life. He wouldn’t leave her, even if he could.

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He could just go, and let them both be, but he decided not to. He’s coming back one last time, to leave his brother a final parting gift.

It’s time they both got out of that suffocating house.

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‘Mother & Brother’ won Best Dramatic Short Film at the Arizona International Film Festival.

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