A Mother’s White Lie To Improve Her Loser Son Escalated Very Quickly!



Ever since he was a child, Tsumugu has made do with an unfulfilled life.

With speech contained and desires repressed, this introvert drifted through life existing but never living, until he received his death sentence.


The news of his impending death spurred Tsumugu to action.

With nothing left to lose, he found the courage to pursue his dreams, including his first love and a music career.



It was a bittersweet irony that Tsumugu should feel so alive only at death’s doorstep.


But life threw him one last curveball when his mother revealed that his terminal illness was a lie she concocted.

She merely wanted to inspire Tsumugu.


Little did she know, she ended up transforming an entire town.

Watch ‘What Is The Best Life’ by Hirokazu Fujisawa (Japan) on Viddsee:

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