A Mother’s Last Words To Her Only Son. She Kept A Secret From Him.


Deadline SS2 KRK

Mothers are not perfect.

This mum kept her chin and tried to hold her family together despite her husband’s infidelity and her son’s resentment towards his dad.

Deadline SS3 KRK

She persevered, sacrificed and tried her best to provide for her son Daniel, even keeping her terminal illness a secret from him.

Deadline SS4 KRK

Daniel didn’t understand why she started nagging him about cooking, folding his clothes, and learning how to be independent, but as time passed, he finally realised his mother’s true intentions.

She knew that Daniel will never have a perfect life, but all she wanted was him to learn truly valuable life lessons.

Watch ‘Deadline’ by Alana Yeo (Singapore) on Viddsee:

‘Deadline’ by Alana Yeo was written based on a true story. The short film is part of our Filmmakers@DFT Channel on Viddsee.

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