He Moved Out After The Break Up. But He’s Still Left With His Thoughts.


The Soliloquist ss4 krk

Things were going swimmingly well.

There were hiccups — the house was old, he’s haunted by memories echoing in his head, like the constant drip of a leaky faucet.

The Soliloquist ss3 krk

Then, he receives mails and packages addressed to ‘Michael’, and the fortune teller didn’t give him a favourable reading.

There was no return address.

The Soliloquist ss1 krk

He’s left with himself, and Michael. The faucet continues to drip. And drip.

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‘The Soliloquist’ won the Special Mention at Annecy, France, Little Nomad award at the Urban Nomad Film Festival in Taiwan, Best Work at the Kaohsiung Film Festival, Taiwan, and a Special Mention at CICDAF – China International Animation and Digital Arts Festival.

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