A Moving Story About A Soldier & His Dad’s Final Homecoming


NDay Hsm SS2

The Singapore National Day is a day of joy and celebration. But for this family, it is a day of grief and mourning.

Wei, an army boy, has gotten his hands on the coveted National Day Parade tickets for his whole family.

But they can’t go because it coincides with the 7th day after his father’s death, traditionally observed by Taoists to honour the departed soul’s last visit home.

NDay Hsm SS1

Wei and his family sit by the the glow of the television. It’s a sombre evening, but for all intents and purposes life seems to reset to normal.

As they drift into the night, his sister and his mum pay tribute to the man they called father, in their habitual values and beliefs.

The nonchalant front Wei put up the entire evening breaks apart when he, too, tries to guide his father’s soul home.

It’s a very simple and touching tribute.

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