A Moving Tribute To A Grandfather Suffering From Dementia


Ah Kong SS1 KRK

A grandson tries to help his grandfather rejig his memory: he lived a full life as a chicken seller, was a charmer to the ladies, and well respected by the community.

His friends are interviewed. They speak fondly of him, and for a split second, this guy’s grandfather seems to recall the details of a life he used to lead before succumbing to dementia.

Ah Kong SS2 KRK

But his grandfather’s dementia didn’t just affect his memory, it has also messed up his sense of the present. He’s forgotten how to live in the present.

There’s no cure for dementia, and it can put a strain on caregivers and family members as it’s very painful and frustrating.

Ah Kong SS3 KRK

This short film is a moving reminder that dementia doesn’t change who these patients are on the inside.

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Royston made this short film for Singapore’s Health Promotion Board.

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