Msian Airlines Goes To New Heights, Petronas Time Travels #MerdekaAds


Petronas Ad SS2

In the spirit of Merdeka (Malay for ‘independence’), we’re proud to feature two branded stories celebrating Malaysia’s national day, directed by independent filmmakers featured on Viddsee.

Linus and Quek were behind the cameras for these ads released ahead of Malaysia’s 57th National Day on 31 August.


Two kids travel through time from the 1950s to current-day Malaysia. Look out for the amazingly historically accurate props and settings: the mini minor, Malaysia’s national car, the country’s historic Thomas Cup victory, the iconic pink mini bus, and the ubiquitous skyline of the Petronas Twin Towers.

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They’ve got all the details down to a pat. It’s the ultimate feel-good ad about progress and development made by Malaysia’s national oil and gas company, Petronas. In the national ‘can-do’ spirit, we say, Malaysia Boleh!


In a classroom storytelling session, a kitemaker’s grandson relates a story about rediscovering the joys of the ‘wau’, the iconic traditional Malay kite that is also Malaysian Airlines’ logo.

This is a heartwarming story about ambition, identity, persistence and resourcefulness. It reinforces that it’s important not just to dream, but also to put to task what needs to be done.

The accompanying track is in Malay, but its lyrics underscores communal values about identity: “Terbang tinggi di awan, walau tanah di kaki” — “soar to the skies (or reach for the skies), even as you remain rooted to the earth”.

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No expense was spared in creating this excellent production. It features the saccharine vocals of the indie sweetheart Yuna, and a stellar cast of veteran and popular actors and actresses!

Kudos to Quek & Linus, and their team!

But if there’s just one short film you need to watch, it has to be this documentary about the people’s movement for independence, led by men, women and youth organisations, ten years before Malaysia’s independence.

It’s a history lesson you haven’t had before, especially with your history classes never had 1970s British punk rock and really nifty graphics. Here’s the story about how businesses in Singapore and Malaya came to a standstill in 1947.

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