Mother Saw Moving Out Was An Insult, An Act Of Abandonment



It was easy to have a favourite parent.

Ming tolerated his mother, and only barely. She fussed and nagged too much. It wasn’t that he was not appreciative — at least, he wouldn’t show that he wasn’t.

She treated him like a son; Ming was ready to think of himself as a man.


He’s relieved when his sister returned during the term break, and that his father was coming back from an overseas trip.

Dad pulled him aside when an argument erupted at the dinner table.

Ming was intent on moving out, on moving further away from home when he gets into college. Mother took it as an act of abandonment, and as an insult.



Dad was easily Ming’s favourite parent — even as an absent one — but only until Ming found out that Dad had a shameful secret all along. It shattered the family.

But it was also when Ming realised that he could be both a son to his mother, and to be a man.

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