Would you name your child Miley Cyrus? Nick Bateman? T.O.P?


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If you’re named after a famous person, does it change your destiny? Would you name your child Miley Cyrus? Nick Bateman? T.O.P?

How about Gaddafi?

If it was up to Gaddafi’s mother, she would have a different name. Gaddafi strikes her as a negative name. It’s been associated with violence in the media.

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But Gaddafi’s father was stubborn. He was determined that his son would be named after Colonel Gaddafi Muhammad, a Libyan revolutionary leader. To Gaddafi’s father, his philosophy at one time was admirable.

There was a time when he worshipped everything the revolutionary leader said. But his world view of the Colonel has changed since then. He has been associated to crimes against humanity, and later his own people overthrew him.

There is so much controversy surrounding his name. But what does Gaddafi Muhammad think about it?

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As the day of his official national registration card looms, Gaddafi brings us into his world. It would be a permanent mark, an official record, a identity he could no longer change.

Would he be the same person if he was named Benedict Cumberbatch?

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