She Looked Just Like His Late Wife. He Wasn’t Going To Let Go.


In The Name of Love ss1 krk

Emotions are so powerful and dangerous that in this future that androids who have mastered how to be human are immediately terminated.

This cop is tasked to complete a routine job to terminate one such android, but he yields to his own weakness: she looks too much like his ex-wife.

In The Name Of Love sw ss1 krk

But women are not objects, and if androids have feelings, they should have a free will too.

Projecting his own fears, fantasies and regrets, he learns that you can never own someone out of purely selfish needs.

In The Name of Love ss2 krk

His possessiveness killed his wife, his marriage.

Soon, it will be his end too.

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It won Best Film at the CERRUTI 1881 Short Film Competition in Hong Kong, an award at the Tech-ex Cup International University Student Video Contest in China, and Best Cinematography for Fiction at the Colombo International Student Film Festival in Sri Lanka.

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