Nerds, Bullies, Car Robbery, And Party!


Chris, Tony and Kar Wai have a plan to impress bullies in school: by stealing teacher Mr Chee’s car! If they succeed, they get tickets to the school party.

SB5_6 SB5_8

But when they arrive at the location, it looks like he’s about to jump over the ledge!


It turns out that Mr Chee has dropped his car keys — and they’re out of reach.


Tony has a suggestion: they can tie their clothes together to form a rope, picking up the key with a magnet.


Unfortunately, the school bullies catch them in the act, and it doesn’t look good. When the incident draws an audience, everyone runs away.


The night of the school party arrives. The boys are in their hideout with their new friend, Mr Chee. A pizza delivery arrives with a special surprise for them…

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