That New Neighbour. He Couldn’t Get Him Out Of His Mind.


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In the day, Aaron manages people’s finances in a bank. After work, he goes through an array of women and sexual fantasies. It’s an empty, lonely, soulless game, a chase for the ultimate high.

An encounter with a new neighbour, Robert, changes it all. He rubbed Aaron off the wrong way at first. It was unpleasant. First impressions of each other were: arrogant, cocky.

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Distracted that night, his eyes trailed to an open window across the street, right at Robert’s window.

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He got rubbed off the wrong way, at first. But not now. It could be his chance to live his authentic self.

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Viewer discretion: For mature audiences only.

‘Authentic’ was directed by Manuel R Mota and produced by Aytac N. Turkay of Shophouse Films, a Bangkok based visual content production house. More of Shophouse’s works here.

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