A Son’s Longing For His Dad, Pining For Moments Gone Up In Smoke


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Food is a strange thing. It doesn’t just fill our hungry stomachs; it fills our minds and hearts with strange memories.

When this guy thinks of noodle soup, he thinks of his dad. He thinks of the last cigarette he had.

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His troubled past resurfaces when he steps out of his routine life, triggered by the mention of noodle soup.

He spirals down a black hole of memories about his cancer-stricken dad. The way dad lit his cigarette, the sound of soup swirling in a bowl, the friendly banter they had.

Mami ss3 krk

His emotions stew slowly, bubbling up to the surface, brimming and spilling over.

It’s toxic, but indigestion is the least of his problems now.

Watch ‘Mami’ by Greg Rodriguez III (Philippines) on Viddsee:

This film was the official selection at the 2013 Manhattan International Film Festival.

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