No One Follows Her To The Abortion Clinic. Not Even Her Boyfriend.


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Eunae is burdened with a heavy secret: she’s pregnant. It’s the last thing the straight-laced high schooler needs, since she’s on her way to college.

She has made up her mind about the abortion, but she’s scared and emotionally burdened by the prospect. She’s also alone.

Everything is planned for the surgery – her mum is clueless and her boyfriend has the money. But they both are preoccupied, distant.

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She has no place to turn to for comfort.

She buckles under pressure.

When her boyfriend learns of the truth of her pregnancy, they break out into an argument on the streets.

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She ends up lying on the road, alone.

The last thing we hear her say is “please”.

Watch ‘Please’ by Lee Sang Ah (South Korea) on Viddsee:

Lee Sangah’s short film won Grand Prix for Best Picture at the Busan International Short Film Festival in the Korean film competition category.

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