She Never Knew Why Her Sister Cried, But She Always Held Her Firmly



The bond between sisters is a lot like spider silk.

It appears tenuous, a slight wisp of a thing that wouldn’t stand a chance against strong winds. Yet for all its delicate appearance, it’s a deceivingly strong bond. It glimmers under the right light, a beautiful force of nature.


It’s been 6 months. Aysha still may not understand why her sister did what she did, but she won’t stand for someone else questioning it.

There’s a gap in her heart where her sister once filled and the nerve endings are raw to the touch.


It’s hard to move on when you constantly wonder if you could have done more.

But Aysha was there by her sister’s side right until the very end. And sometimes, that’s all a person really needs.

Watch ‘Diri’ by Sharifah Aleysha (Malaysia) on Viddsee:

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