He Was Offered Cash To Close One Eye. Will This Security Guard Give In?



It all started with a phone call and $1,000.

A mysterious caller offered Arthur to switch off the CCTV monitor at the apartment where he works as a security guard.

He declined at first, but the caller blackmailed him with details of his personal life. Pushed into a corner, he gave in. It wasn’t that difficult to close one eye.

Cake SS5

But the calls keep coming, and the amount offered for his silence and cooperation increased.

He has compromised before, and it became easier to compromise each time after.

Cake SS3

All morals can be bought for the right price.

But was it worth it?

Watch ‘Cake’ by Benjamin Low & Alistair Quak on Viddsee:

‘Cake’ won Gold for its cinematogrpahy at the Crowbar Awards. It also screened at the Short Film Corner at the 66th Cannes Film Festival.

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