Is Ogling & Staring At Women Harmless Fun? You Need To Watch This.


Staring Hurts SS1
A woman walks into a restaurant. The man across the table spots her. He stares at her. At once, she feels something crawling on her skin.

The more he stares, the more uncomfortable she gets.

And then she does something that makes him clutch his eye and cry out in agony.

Staring Hurts SS2

This video, produced by Jagori, a non-government organization in India, sends a subtle, yet powerful message about staring as a form of sexual harassment.

Watch ‘Staring Hurts’:

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Sexual harassment affects women everywhere in the world. We think of harassment in physical or verbal, but inappropriate staring is a form of sexual harassment too. It is emotionally disturbing and makes the woman feel uneasy about her own body.

Women have a right to feel safe in a public space, too.

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