This Policeman Isn’t Just Looking For A Conviction. He’s Looking For The Truth.


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It’s Sergeant Dum’s last day of work, but there’s no time for rest when a murder remains unsolved.

The veteran police officer arrives to a gruesome sight, a woman lying in a bloodied bed, and a pool of blood on the floor by her lover’s suicide attempt.

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It’s a typical crime of passion, his colleagues assure him; just another jealous boy who killed his girlfriend and attempted suicide himself. But Sergeant Dum has his doubts as he listened to the boy’s tearful mother.

Drawing on years of experience, he tries to convince his younger colleagues that there something is amiss.

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He fights back, risks insubordination, but his superior lets him lead the case. Adding to his misery is his woeful lack of skill at operating technological devices.

But Sergeant Dum remains steadfast in his sense of duty.

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With only the help of a rebellious computer expert, Sergeant Dum has just 24 hours to solve the case, and one last shot at proving his worth.

Watch ‘The Last Shot’ by Kanin Ramasoot (Thailand) on Viddsee:

Kanin’s film was a finalist at the Thai Short Film Festival, the World Film Festival and the Doi Saket International Film Festival. It also screened at the Hong Kong Freshwave International Short Film Festival.

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