This Old Lady Travels Through 90 Years Of Her Life In A Single Day


A Day SS1 FI

This was the first and last day of their rest of their lives.

The old woman’s day is filled with simple pleasures: taking care of her sickly husband, getting out for some exercise, walking all the way up a flight of stairs, and showing kindness to others.

A Day SS2

Her day starts taking off the moment she sets foot outside.

She’s slow but hardy, and takes in her surroundings: a little girl buzzes by on a tricycle, a show down with a busy businesswoman, a teenage girl’s act of whimsy.

Through it all, she shows how much she appreciates the small, amusing moments of fantasy and reality.

A Day SS3

There are no grand gestures here.

It’s a sweet and poignant reminder about life, the passing of time.

Here’s how she fully appreciate each day like her last.

Watch ‘A Day’ by Jaebin Han (Korea) on Viddsee:

Jaebin’s film won Best Film at the 2nd Micro Film Festival and Best Actress at the Beijing College Student Film Festival, both in China. It was celebrated in Korea, winning Grand Prizes at four festivals: Korea Visual Arts Festival, Seoul Digital Media Content International Festival, and the Senior Film Festival In Seoul.

It won Best Original Screenplay Award And Special Jury Prize at the Korea International Short Film Festival, Achievement in Directing & Gold Award at the Seoul World Short Film Festival and Audience Awards at the Mise-en-scene Short Film Festival and at the Women’s Human Rights Film Festival ‘Fiwom’ in Korea.

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