Boy Scouts On The Hunt For A Mythical Lake Unearth Something More


A still from ‘On My Honour’

Three Boy Scouts enter the lush Singaporean jungle on the hunt for a mythical lake. Legend tells that whoever finds the lake will have their deepest wishes granted.

It’s not their first time attempting this quest, but it’ll be their last adventure together before their paths in life diverge.

This is the premise of ‘On My Honour‘, the eighth film in the Scene City anthology. Directed by Victor Gan, the coming-of-age tale is an ode to the powerful bonds formed in youth that last a lifetime.

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The Power Of Teenage Friendships That Last Till Adulthood

Director Victor Gan was inspired by the last adventure with his own Scout buddies

Victor believes that friendship formed during the teenage years is uniquely special as friends would have seen each other at their best and worst.

“There was absolutely no filter among my friends because we knew despite all the quarrels and squabbles, we would always have each other’s back.”

The end of high school marks a transition period where teens blossom into adults, and everyday friendships begin to change. Victor was motivated to portray how overwhelming the uncertainty and potentially divergent paths could be.

The Forest Setting Amplifies How Much They Need Each Other

Will, Kenneth and Danny come armed with maps, compass and supplies, but they’re unprepared for the internal conflict that will arise as they get further into the wild. As fatigue sets in, the trio begin logging heads with each other revealing their fears and hopes within.

From l-r: Jin Hao Li (Will), Ezra Lim Jin Ming (Kenneth), Josh Lim Wen Xuan (Danny)

Setting the short film in the forest not only made sense for the Boy Scouts characters but a deliberate choice to remove the boys from everyday conveniences.

Cut off from the chaos of everyday life with no access to smart devices, the characters have to rely on each other for survival. With no distractions, the boys only have to answer to each other, allowing them to confess hard truths.

The Search For The Lake As A Metaphor For Impossible Goals

The existence of this mythical lake in Singapore is a moot point for the possibilities it represents instead. Victor is interested in how the very act of chasing a goal is transformative.

“Sometimes, we may choose to chase an improbable goal or dream, and in the end, the journey may not turn out the way that we imagined them to be. Are we merely being Sisyphus or have we gained something that is much more valuable to us?”

A still from the climax with Ezra Lim Jin Ming (Kenneth) and Jin Hao Li (Will)

“Through the journey of trio, I hope the audience can remember, relive, or embark on this path of life as well, and find the magical lake of their own,” he adds.

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