On The Holiest Of Days, He Committed A Terrible Sin



It is Good Friday. The Faithful Catholics of Pampanga are on the streets, reenacting the suffering of Jesus Christ while committing their own act of repentance. The pain is real. The act is religious.


Most of the town connected with their spirituality while others wanted to have a good time.

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Pete just wanted to have fun with his female friend, but the holiday complicated his request. Rejected and unsatisfied, he walks the town, only to walk into temptation.


Driven by lust, Pete chases fulfilment, committing a terrible sin and leaving a young girl scarred.

The victims of his crime will never be the same, and maybe so will he.


Can man truly be forgiven for all his sins? How much rules can a person break and still get a second chance?

Watch ‘The Redeemer’ (Talapangabus) by Justine Dizon (Philippines) on Viddsee:

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