True Love Always Finds A Way, Even In The Afterlife


Passing Lives SS1

This short film takes that idea of “the one” to the extreme. It goes to the afterlife, and back.

A grieving widow reconnects with her dead husband with the help of two mediums.

Passing Lives SS3

The emotionally-charged experience affected everyone in the room.

They were bonded by her grief, all four of them: three living humans, and one spirit. It turns out that the husband’s soul was still present.

It manifests in the trio in unexpected passion and longing.

Passing Lives SS2

“‘Till death do us apart” wasn’t enough for her.

And to use all the cliches we can, because it’s true here: because two’s company and three’s a crowd, one more person had to go.

Watch ‘Passing Lives’ by James Lee (Malaysia) on Viddsee:

James Lee is a prolific Malaysian filmmaker known for his unconventional plots and subjects. The rest of his short films are featured in this special Doghouse73 channel on Viddsee.

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